January 16, 2014

by: Emily Hastings

New Year’s Resolutions at UCP of Greater Cleveland

As we begin the new year, it is customary to set new goals and resolutions – things we want to improve upon, things we want to do more of or maybe even things we want to change completely. We asked our clients to share some of their New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone had something they were looking forward to doing in 2014. Some people had more career-oriented goals, while others focused on how they can improve their overall happiness, such as watching more funny movies and eating cookies. The important thing to remember is no goal is too large as long as you are willing to work for it!

"I want to help mommy clean the house with my sister." - Payton




"I want to be a better entrepreneur. I need to stop procrastinating and doing stuff at the last minute." - Dontez








"I want to graduate high school and start working. I would like to be a receptionist." - Mark







"I want to continue working and get a job out in the community that provides me with personal care." - Teresa







"I want to get better grades this year." - Darius







"I would like to get out in the community more and go shopping. I also want to read more. I really like poetry." - Michelle






"I want to swing and eat cookies and Goldfish crackers." - Emily








"I would like to go to the movies more this year. I really like comedies." - Tonya












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