May 12, 2014

by: OakLeaf Services Contributor

Project SEARCH – From High School to Employment













Project SEARCH is a program that prepares young adults with disabilities transitioning out of high school to become competitively employed upon graduation. In order to prepare for the world of work, students participate in three separate internships in a community-based setting for the length of one school year. Students gain a wide set of transferable work skills through having firsthand experiences and receive the support of a Job Coach and Instructor. During the program, students also receive job-readiness training in a classroom setting where topics such as time management, work ethic and resume writing are covered.

This was the first year the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus hosted the Project SEARCH program. Internships included a wide variety of work tasks including clerical work, sterilization of operating rooms, preparing patient rooms and much more. Project SEARCH gives young adults the opportunity to gain work skills in jobs not regularly held by this age group and allows them the chance to learn all of the intricacies involved in being a successful worker. As the program nears to an end, students will work closely with staff to practice interviewing, prepare and update their resumes, and search for employment with the hope of securing a position that is a good fit for each individual.

Natalie LaPorta
Project SEARCH Job Coach, Cleveland Clinic

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