Current Applicant Talent Pool

The goal of the Job Placement Program at United Cerebral Palsy is to match persons with disabilities to employment opportunities that can be either Full or Part time. These candidates want to be productive and be an asset to their employer and the community. Employer incentives are available and can help both employee and employer.

Current Candidates Seeking Positions

Client Desired Geographical Area Type of Work Desired Education Full or Part Time
G.K. Parma/Cleve Area Clerical/Administrative
HS Part
M.W. Amherst Food prep, materials
HS Part
C.J. Amherst Retail HS Part
K.B. Brunswick/Strongsville Retail HS Part
E.S. East Suburbs/Beachwood Clerical Assistant HS senior Part
T.B. Westside Warehouse, stock, assembly HS Part
B.H. Cleveland Westside Gen. clerical data entry BA-Music Part or Full
W.M. Eastside Warehouse, housekeeper HS Full-time
C.S. Eastside Data entry HS Part
B.G. Westside Warehouse stock Fork lift
HS Full
J.S. Westside Food prep HS Part
A.M. Westside Retail HS Part
D.F. Eastside Clerical/Data entry filing,
electronic scanning
HS Part
S.W. Southwest Clerical, stock room, or food
HS Part or Full

For further information on any of these candidates please contact Greg Zaryk, 216-791-8363 ext. 1266 or

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