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Archived postings from the Homepage Spotlight highlighting exceptional stories from clients, employees, families, volunteers and other stakeholders.

In the Spotlight – Disability Awareness Training Program

“Is it rude for me to say ‘see you later’ to someone with a visual impairment?” “Should I hold the door for someone who is in a wheelchair or using a walker? I don’t want to offend them by assuming they can’t do it themselves.” “What if I don’t understand someone when they speak to...
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In the Spotlight – Emily

When people think about education, they might think about children sitting in desks being taught reading, writing and arithmetic. Merriam-Webster defines the word education as “the knowledge, skill, and understanding that you get from attending a school, college, or university.” However, this definition is not all encompassing: not all education is done in a typical...
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In the Spotlight – Project SEARCH

UCP of Greater Cleveland has the privilege to partner with some outstanding businesses and organizations throughout the community. This year, we were especially grateful to expand our partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, long-term partner and neighbor. The Cleveland Clinic’s involvement as a UCP employment partner began in 2006 as a Supported Employment Site in their...
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Anthony is a loving and playful six-year-old boy with an infectious smile. If you would ask his parents, Joey and Megan, some of Anthony’s favorite activities, you might think he is just a typical child who enjoys playing with his friends, swimming, horseback riding and playing fetch with his dogs. “Really the only word that...
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The Cleveland Metroparks began partnering with UCP of Greater Cleveland in 1998, creating the very first UCP of Greater Cleveland customer service based Supported Employment Site at the zoo. Throughout the past several years, UCP and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have expanded the site together so that today client employees work in guest services, administration...
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