Apply Online

Apply Online
Please click on the link below to complete our employment application, titled “UCP of Greater Cleveland Employment Application.”  Please be sure to include a current resume and/or cover letter (not required for all positions, but recommended) when mailing, faxing or emailing the application.

Complete the Online Application:


UCP of Greater Cleveland Employment Application

Directions for Completing the Application:

  • Click on UCP of Greater Cleveland Application link to open the Word Document
  • In Word with the application open, choose “File” and “Save As” to save the Word document to your computer
  • Fill out the application
    • Answer all questions and provide all requested information.
    • List all previous employment.  Please make sure you include correct phone numbers
    • List references including correct phone numbers (no family members please)
    • You may apply for only positions currently open.  Otherwise, we cannot accept your employment application.
  • Once filled out completely, save your application again to your computer.
  • Once complete, you can:

1.  Print the completed application and Mail or Fax to:

Attention: Human Resources
10011 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland OH 44106
Fax:  216-721-3372

2.  Open your preferred email application (such as Outlook or Yahoo), attach the completed application saved to your computer and email to: along with a cover letter and resume.


Thank you for applying for employment at UCP of Greater Cleveland.  We will respond to your application by mail or telephone within two weeks.

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