Current Applicant Talent Pool

The goal of the Job Placement Program at UCP of Greater Cleveland is to match persons with disabilities to employment opportunities that can be either Full or Part time. These candidates want to be productive and be an asset to their employer and the community. Employer incentives are available and can help both employee and employer.

Current Candidates Seeking Positions

Client Desired Geographical Area Type of Work Desired Education Full or Part Time Employment
A.W. Cuyahoga County IT/Help Desk B.S. Information Technology Full
D.C. Painesville Dishwasher/Custodial HS Diploma Part
J.C. Eastlake Stocking /Food Prep HS Diploma Full
P.C. Eastlake Stocking /Custodial /Greeting HS Diploma Part
D.C. Cleveland Day care/Working with children HS Diploma Full
A.D. Cleveland Stocking/Working with cars (some vocational training from HS) HS Diploma Part
Z.G. Cleveland Working with animals HS Diploma Part
G.H. Painesville / Perry Food Prep HS Diploma Full
M.H. Eastlake Activities Assistant /Dietary HS Diploma Part
M.H. Cleveland Undecided HS Diploma Part
M.J. Cleveland Cleaning/Stocking HS Diploma No preference
R.M. Cleveland Culinary/Food service HS Diploma Part
A.P. Cleveland Clerical HS Diploma No preference
A.R. Painesville Greeter /Light Custodial /Dietary HS Diploma Part
E.P. Cleveland Working with animals HS Diploma Part
N.A. Midtown/University Circle Clerical/Sterilizing HS Diploma Part
B.S. Cleveland-east side Stocking HS Diploma Part
B.H. Brooklyn Clerical Bachelors of Music Part
A.N. Solon Retail HS Diploma Part
V.K. Euclid/ Cleveland-east side Clerical Bachelors Part
H.B. Lakewood Clerical HS Diploma No preference
C.B. Lakewood Clerical HS Diploma No preference
D.G. Amherst/Lorain Stocking HS Diploma Part
M.G. Sheffield Lake/Lorain County Childcare/Retail HS Diploma Part
D.H. Elyria Housekeeping HS Diploma Part
B.P. Lorain County Security HS Diploma No Preference
B.C. Parma Cleaning HS Diploma Part
M.C. Parma Cleaning HS Diploma Part
H.D. Parma Theatre/Library HS Diploma Part
R.F. Parma Art/Laundry attendant HS Diploma Part
T.L. Parma Grocery/Cashier HS Diploma No preference
T.M. Parma Pet groomer/Pet store HS Diploma Part
P.M. Parma Dietary HS Diploma No preference
J.R. Cleveland Cleaning/Laundry/Retail HS Diploma No preference
S.S. Parma Stocking/Pet store HS Diploma No preference
N.B. Cleveland-near east side Clerical/Filing HS Diploma Part
S.B. Cleveland-west side Receptionist/Scheduling Juris Doctor Part
R.D. Cleveland-surrounding suburbs Retail/County courts HS Diploma No preference
K.D. Parma-surrounding areas Clerical HS Diploma Part
D.H. Cleveland-west side Manufacturing HS Diploma Part
R.H. Cleveland Factory HS Diploma Part
S.L. Cleveland-near east side Stocking/Housekeeping HS Diploma Full
A.M. Cleveland-near west side No preference HS Diploma Part
J.P. Euclid/Cleveland-east side Stocking/Pet store HS Diploma No preference
D.W. Akron/surrounding Northern suburbs Social work/Advocacy HS Diploma No preference
M.Y. North Olmsted Clerical/Filing HS Diploma Part
A.B. Avon Food service HS Diploma Part
P.B. Elyria/Lorain Stocking/Retail HS Diploma Part
G.B. Avon/Avon Lake/Westlake Clerical HS Diploma Part
C.B. North Ridgeville Day care HS Diploma Part
J.B. Elyria/Lorain Nursing home HS Diploma No preference
M.D. Elyria/Lorain Day care HS Diploma No preference
O.D. Parma Nursing home HS Diploma No preference
T.F. Elyria/Lorain/Avon Retail HS Diploma Part
H.K. Elyria Vet tech HS Diploma Part
J.P. Lorain Medical assistant HS Diploma Part
R.R. Avon/Sheffield Food Service HS Diploma Part
G.S. Elyria Food Service HS Diploma Part
R.T. Elyria Food Service/Kitchen HS Diploma No preference
M.V. Elyria Food Service HS Diploma Part
N.W. Lorain County Stocking/Retail HS Diploma Part
D.R. North Royalton Dish Washer HS Diploma Part
M.H. Fairview/Westlake/Cleveland-west side Assembly/Manufacturing HS Diploma No preference
J.C. Downtown Cleveland Office/Art/Museum HS Diploma No preference
J.S. Brecksville/Independence Clerical HS Diploma Part
J.S. Parma Food Services HS Diploma Part
D.T. Parma/Berea Office/Browns HS Diploma Part
B.M. Downtown Cleveland Hospitality HS Diploma No preference
C.W. Garfield Heights Nursing home HS Diploma Part

For further information on any of these candidates, please contact one of the following: