April 9, 2012

by: Client Contributor

Sharing a Passion for Music

Picture of UCP client, Mike.

Pursuing our interests and sharing it with our family and friends is a driving force of human nature that we all share. It adds complexity and interest to our lives and both joins us together and singles us out as unique at the same time. Mike’s passion is making music, and he jumped at the opportunity to share it with our UCP family.

Mike is new to making music, but has loved listening to music–especially R & B, for a long time. His favorite R&B artist is Mariah Carey. His friend and personal aide Dave helps him lay down rhythm tracks using Garage Band, a popular music making software on the computer. Mike then writes a song over the tracks and he and Dave record Mike singing the song with the rhythm track.

Mike loves getting people together and hanging out with friends outside of work. His favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings and he can often be found talking on the phone with friends when he is not making music. He is very social and that comes through in his music. He feels that music is one way that he can communicate with other people. He would like to share more of his music and get people interested in what he does to show people that folks with disabilities can do all sorts of things, and have interests and talents just like anyone else.

One of the ways Mike shares his music is by posting it on the internet through music files that can be played on Real Player or Windows Media Player. Take a listen and see what you think. Mike would love to hear what you think of his music, so please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Mike’s Music

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