Assistive Technology

Child using augmentative communication device

UCP of Greater Cleveland offers Assistive Technology Services for children and adults with disabilities in the following areas: communication, mobility, computer access, activities of daily living, etc. Assistive technology includes devices and services that improve or maintain the ability for individuals with disabilities to interact with their surroundings. This enhances educational attainment, provides meaningful work opportunities and allows individuals to connect with the larger world through leisure and socialization. A team of Assistive Technology Practitioners (ATPs) are available to provide comprehensive assessments and evaluations of individual ability and develop an appropriate plan. ATPs are certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (RESNA) and can provide evaluations and services on-site at UCP or at local businesses, schools, work sites or locations in the community.

Individualized Services for Children and Adults include:

Adult using assistive computer technologyComputer Access Technology

  • Our ATP team evaluates individual ability to access computer technology on-site and in the community
  • Modifications and/or trials of hardware are completed on equipment to assist individuals in achieving maximum functioning
  • Training is provided in hardware and software applications, including allowing adaptation and use of commonly-used apps and programs in the real world, employment or educational context
  • Technology may include, but is not limited to, trackballs, re-sized keyboards, switch access and software, word prediction, text-to-text speech output, magnification software and speech recognition

Augmentative Communication *Adult using computer technology to communicate

  • A licensed speech/language therapist assesses individual ability to communicate utilizing different means of technology
  • Upon evaluation, appropriate devices are selected and persons served and caregivers are trained on how to communicate using the augmentative device, as well as how to integrate it with other equipment
  • Technology may include, but is not limited to, picture/object symbols, cause/effect toys, one-hit voice output devices and both low-tech and high-tech communication devices


Mobility Aids*Child using assistive technology

  • A licensed physical or occupational therapist evaluates individuals over several sessions to determine appropriate mobility aids for functioning and assistance with daily activities
  • Trials of both low-tech and high-tech devices help determine appropriate aids that will enhance self-care and fine motor skills
  • Technology may include wheelchairs, gait trainers, dynamic standers and other equipment to maximize posture and/or comfort, as well as grips, adaptive utensils, grab bars, seats, chairs and other apparatus to enhance independence

For more information on these services for children, please contact: (216) 791-8363, ext. 1250 or

For more information on these services for adults, please contact: (216) 791-8363, ext. 1225 or

*This facet of Assistive Technology and Therapy programming for adults is currently limited to clients in our OakLeaf programs. Any child ages birth to 22 may apply for these services.