OakLeaf Partners Employment


OakLeaf Partners Employment Program is designed to foster personal financial independence for adults with disabilities.  Individuals are supported and encouraged to accept vocational and social challenges within an integrated community setting with the least restrictions possible.  Participant needs are assessed through a person-centered planning process and reviewed periodically for progress in meeting stated goals.

Individualized Services include:

  • OakLeaf Partners Employment in the Community

  • Skill Building

  • Job-Seeking Skills Training

  • Travel Training

  • On-the-Job Coaching

  • Follow-along Support

  • Specialized Skills Training, including Computer and Technical Training

  • Situational Assessment (including Basic Skills Testing and Career Exploration)

  • Community-Based Work Adjustment

  • For more information about OakLeaf Partners Employment Services contact: Kate Adkins-Dix at 216-791-8363 ext. 1252 or kadkins-dix@ucpcleveland.org.