July 18, 2012

by: Guest Contributor

Kids TRIing for UCP!

It is a pleasure to have guest contributor Camryn Koonce this week!  Eight-year-old Camryn is the older sister of Elsie, who participates in therapy at UCP.  Camryn is a huge support to Elsie and her family and an inspiration to other children her age.

Last year I did my first triathlon.  It was awesome doing the tri last year, but it was a little difficult, even scary at first, especially swimming in the lake, but in the end it was lots of fun and not too hard.  I really wanted to pull my sister Elsie on the bike and push her with the jogging stroller, but the rules for that race wouldn’t let me.  I wanted my sister to race with me so she could be happy and have fun, but it was okay and she was there at the race anyway.

I prepared for the triathlon by going to swim team practice and playing soccer to help the running.  I also biked with my dad.  I learned from the race last year that I want to run, bike, and swim even faster this year by practicing even harder, and Santa brought me a new, faster bike for Christmas and I can’t wait to race with it.  The funnest part was doing it with my best friend Margaux, and we are doing it again together this year.  And I have another friend, Paulette, joining me.

I raced and raised money for UCP because UCP means kindness and it puts love in my heart.  UCP helps people that are in need – people just like my sister Elsie and I think Elsie is wonderful and perfect.  Elsie gets help at UCP to use her words, to walk, and to make her stronger.  I have other friends at UCP besides my sister and so the fundraising helps all of them. The fundraising last year was fun, and pretty easy.  I liked setting up my fundraising page with my mom.  I’m so excited about doing it all again this summer.  


Will you join me in the kid’s tri this year?


Camryn Koonce
Team Elsie

If you would like to support Camryn as she participates in her second triathlon, you can make a donation towards her fundraising efforts at: www.active.com/donate/teamucp2012/camrynkoonce.

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