April 9, 2018

by: Emily Hastings

Get to Know the UCP Staff – Vol. 3

Every week at UCP we feature a staff member in something we call an “Employee Spotlight” where they tell us a little about themselves – their family, their hobbies/ interests and little known facts about them. It’s a fun way to get to know our co-workers a little better! One question the staff answer is “What do you like most about your work at UCP of Greater Cleveland?” We would like to share their responses with you so that you can get to know us a little better as well. Every month we will publish new responses from staff.

Amanda Stohrer, LeafBridge Occupational Therapy Manager (7 years at UCP):

“I learn something new every day. We have a very talented and supportive team who are eager to both teach and learn.”

Teresita Santiago, LeafBridge School-Based Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (1 year at UCP):

“Supportive staff; they are like family! I love working in the schools with children, especially when I see progress!”

Anita MacGregor, LeafBridge Physical Therapist (4 years at UCP):

“Helping children in the clinic and in schools to accomplish their goals and improve their independence. Sharing smiles and laughs with clients, students and co-workers.”

Malanah Boyer, OakLeaf Job Training Community Connector (7 months at UCP):

“I love that I put smiles on my clients faces every day. I also like the fact that the clients help each other out.”


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