November 20, 2018

by: Emily Hastings

This Thanksgiving, I Am Thankful For…



I am thankful for my mama and dada. – Charlotte






I’m thankful for my family and staff, especially Teressa for putting up the Christmas tree this weekend. Putting up the tree made me very happy and I love the feeling I get when I walk into my home and see the Christmas tree! –  Terry





I am thankful for my mom, toy cars and superheroes. – Elijah







I am thankful I come to UCP everyday and for my classroom staff and my friends. Also for the military. – Katie






I am thankful for Elmo. – KiKi







I am thankful for the Cleveland Browns. I love when they play on Sundays because I watch the game with my dad and we eat all sorts of good food while watching the game! – Jamal






I am thankful for French fries and chicken nuggets. – Brennan







I am thankful for my marriage and being happy with my husband that I love. Also for being around him and his family. – Annmarie





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