December 19, 2018

by: Trish Otter

A Letter from the President & CEO

Dear Donors,

When you donate your hard-earned dollars to a nonprofit agency, do you wonder how much of it is directed to the services for those who need them and benefit from them?  Do you wonder about the quality and the results of those services?  Do you wonder how effectively and efficiently those services are offered and managed?

UCP of Greater Cleveland spends 87 cents of every donated dollar on direct services offered to children and adults with disabilities.  Their lives are changed for the better and, in many cases, results surpass our expectations and theirs.  The staff members’ compassion,  expertise and integrity as well as their individualized services in considering the unique needs of each and every person served lead to outstanding results for more than 1,300 individuals and their families every year.

My leadership team and I create an environment where staff members and those they serve can thrive.  We strive to hire the best and then recognize the expertise and contributions of each employee by stepping back, giving them the tools they need, and allowing them to do their jobs.  They are expected to perform with integrity, excellence and compassion.  It is our mantra to be fully responsive and supportive to our staff who are expected to offer the highest of quality services.

Since our founding in 1950, we have been fiscally responsible.  We balance our budget each year with a small draw on our endowment.   We are continually seeking and starting services that have potential to increase revenue and become self-sustaining.  We continue to increase our number of grant proposals with a 90% success rate.  We keep a close eye on all expenses.  I can assure you that we responsibly steward every gift received.

We have approximately $65,000 more to raise in individual donations to meet our 2018 fundraising goal.  Can you help us to reach it?  We would appreciate your consideration of a gift.  Every donation, regardless of size, truly makes a difference.

I am fully accountable for the spending of your gift.  Please call me at 216-453-4951 or write me at with any questions you may have.  I thank those of you who have gifted us in the past and ask that those who have not in 2018 consider a gift to allow us to continue to serve so many in need.


Trish Otter

President & CEO  

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