November 26, 2019

by: Emily Hastings

This Thanksgiving, I am Thankful For…



I am thankful for hotdogs. – Charlotte






I’m thankful for my family, my job and my friends. – Rickie






I am thankful for playing on my iPad. – Jack







I am thankful for my family, all my friends here at Wolstein, TV cartoons, books, having a lovely home and everyone who loves me. – Anthony






I am thankful and excited for Frozen 2! – Rylie







I am thankful for writing poetry. – Ileene (Click the link to read one of Ileene’s recent poems: The First Snowfall.)






I am thankful for school because I have fun during gym. – Dearryan








We are thankful that we are part of a wonderful, close and loving family.  We are thankful for each other and that we are able to spend our days together at the OakLeaf Day Program in Westlake. We are also thankful for our brother, Mo and our sister, Kari who help us with everything! – Amjad and Dalall





I am thankful for pumpkin pie. – Devon






I am thankful for my work here at Oatey. I am able to earn money to buy Cavaliers tickets. – Kameryn





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