June 9, 2020

by: Emily Hastings


Sebastian has been attending LeafBridge therapy services for two years. Starting originally in the Steps to Independence® intensive therapy program, Sebastian made significant functional gains in transitioning on and off various surfaces, accessing his communication device with refined fine motor skills, and dressing himself with improved independence.

The transition to telehealth therapy services in March 2020 due to COVID-19 provided some initial challenges. His occupational therapists were used to having access to UCP’s fabulous therapy gym with abundant supplies and resources. Working virtually in a child’s home forced them to rethink their intervention strategies. But in just a couple sessions, his therapists, along with Sebastian’s mom and dad, identified household resources and brainstormed fantastic ideas to help Sebastian continue towards his independence.

Most notably, Sebastian has learned how to use scissors to cut strips of paper. Prior to the pandemic, Sebastian had very limited exposure to scissors. Using household tools like tongs, marshmallows and playdough, Sebastian developed the hand strength and skills necessary to use an adapted pair of scissors recommended by the treating therapist.

Virtual therapy has allowed our therapists to make even deeper connections with our LeafBridge families. Our therapists have really enjoyed teaching and watching parents build their therapy skills! Way to go Sebastian and family!

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