August 19, 2021

by: Emily Hastings

You Could TRIPLE YOUR DONATION to UCP This Week Only with FastScratch!

It’s back! Today is the first day to donate and play FastScratch for Charity, a virtual scratch-off game that provides donors the chance to “win” additional funds for UCP of Greater Cleveland.

Once you make a donation, you will be able to play the FastScratch game which reveals your donation match percentage by “scratching” three matching squares. The four donation options are $25, $50, $100 and $250. If you want to give a customized amount (such as $150), simply play the game twice, donating once at the $50 level and once at the $100 level. You can donate and play up to four (4) times on your computer, tablet or smartphone! All donation matches, processing fees and credit card fees are paid for by Ver-A-Fast By The Hand Foundation, which means each dollar donated goes directly to fund UCP’s mission.

This game with matching funds is only available from now until Wednesday, August 25, so please take advantage of this unique giving opportunity that impacts programs like our LeafBridge Alternative Education Program for children with disabilities. With your help, students such as Eve (pictured here learning about butterflies and the environment), will receive highly personalized and enriching educational activities throughout the school day.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by midnight August 25 and we appreciate your support to get there!

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