November 22, 2022

by: Emily Hastings

This Thanksgiving, I am Thankful For…



I’m thankful for (Amazon) Alexa, my cats, my mom and dad, and my house. – Jayce






I’m thankful for my mom, my two sisters and my brother. I’m also thankful for everyone in Classroom 3 at UCP. I love coming to UCP because I’m in charge of myself and I like seeing my friends here – Julianett





I’m thankful for music class and my friends, especially Emmy. Also my mom and dad. – Annika







I’m thankful for my friends, my family and just people in general. – Tyrone






I’m thankful for my family. – Connor







I’m thankful for my brother, Kyle. – Maria







I’m thankful for Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 3 songs. – Sebastian







I’m thankful for my family, for transportation that gets me around, and for being an advocate for myself and others. – Amy




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