December 5, 2022

by: Emily Hastings


Max, 6, has received therapy at LeafBridge since June 2019 due to developmental delays from a rare genetic disorder. In hopes to improve his overall independence, Max had selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in April 2022 with a goal to have more control over his muscles. Following his surgery, Max completed two rounds of UCP’s Steps to Independence® intensive therapy to strengthen his arms and legs for day-to-day movements, including getting up off the floor and walking. Max excelled in these sessions and was soon able to walk further and with less assistance in his gait trainer.

Through regular therapy sessions once a week, Max works on balancing while being seated, getting into his reverse walker, and taking steps with less and less help. Max has become much stronger, allowing him to complete activities more independently!

In speech therapy, Max has greatly benefited from the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices. He is currently using a device that is activated through eye gaze technology, essentially turning his eyes into a computer mouse. Max loves using the speech device to have conversations with others and share information about himself, such as his name, age, birthday, and favorite foods! He also does an excellent job using the technology to share his needs, wants, and feelings.

Max has made incredible improvements and we are proud of his accomplishments. His LeafBridge team looks forward to seeing his continued progress!

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