Summer Services (ESY and Camps)

When deemed eligible and necessary by the IEP team, Extended School Year (ESY) Services occur outside of the normal school year to address specific goals identified on the student’s IEP. ESY services are most often funded through a school district, however, private pay is also an option. All camp programs are available for students from Pre-K through age 22.

♦ ESY Partnership with Local School Districts for Students with Mild to Moderate Learning Needs: LeafBridge partners with local public schools to design specialized camps for students with mild to moderate learning differences. Occupational and speech therapists collaboratively design programs to improve self-regulation, handwriting, social skills, self-care skills and peer engagement in a small group setting. Physical therapists support movement and wellness, and an Intervention Specialist provides consultative services to promote academic success.

♦ Camp LeafBridge for Students with Moderate to Severe Learning Needs: Students experience a rich summer program highlighting community-based learning. The camp is designed by physical, occupational and speech therapists with support from an intervention specialist and one-on-one assistants. IEP goals and objectives are embedded into activities that promote engagement and meaningful participation. Students will have many opportunities to practice social skills, communication and functional academics in community settings throughout the Cleveland area. Click here for the 2023 Camp LeafBridge flyer. We are also looking for volunteers to help with our Camp LeafBridge program. This is a great way to gain experience and get required volunteer hours for students seeking degrees in healthcare and education programs. Click here for the 2023 Camp LeafBridge volunteer flyer.

♦ Elementary Skills Camp: If your child has a diagnosed or suspected developmental delay, we want to be sure they start off their 2023-2024 school year with confidence and excitement! Let our team of expert occupational therapists facilitate the growth and development of your young student’s fine motor skills and coordination through our brand new activity-based summer program! Click here for the 2023 Elementary Skills Camp flyer.

♦ Steps to Independence: Our unique, intensive therapy model is also available as an ESY service. The focus of Steps to Independence, as ESY, is to maximize potential gains in related services of PT, OT, and/or Speech by providing focused intervention related to these IEP goals and objectives.

For more info about the laws governing ESY determination and service delivery:  See section 300.106 of IDEA.

To register your child for summer activities through LeafBridge, please contact Children and Family Services Manager, Celia Chesnick at or 216-791-8363 ext. 1260.