Programs available in schools and the community

The following services are available in your school or in your community:

  • Intensive School-Based Services: The LeafBridge educational services team offers placement evaluations and program development with a strong focus on professional development, coaching and mentorship for district-based educational teams to gain the necessary skills and strategies to support their students. This service may be especially valuable for students with the most complex learning needs who depend on a uniquely qualified team with advanced training.
  • Assistive Technology (AT) Services: Provided by RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) from the fields of PT, OT, SLP and Intervention Specialist, the LeafBridge team offers THE MOST comprehensive and high-quality assistive technology evaluations. In addition to Augmentative and Alternative Communication, our team is uniquely qualified to assess assistive technology needs in areas such as reading, writing, functional mobility, computer access, and environmental access.
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE): LeafBridge provides a highly unique transdisciplinary approach to evaluations. This involves simultaneous evaluations by experienced staff including an Intervention Specialist as well as a Physical Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Speech-Language Pathologist with all three team members being RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professionals. The result is a quality, comprehensive report to promote provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education.
  • Related Services Contracts for School Districts: Our physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services are exceptional! LeafBridge therapists are highly trained to provide services for learners of all abilities and they are extremely knowledgeable about education laws that guide school-based related services.
  • Compensatory and Recovery Services: Students with any lapse in educational services during the school year may be entitled to “make-up” sessions. LeafBridge supports compensatory and recovery PT, OT, SLP, Intervention Specialist, and Assistive Technology services either at our main office, virtually or within the school district.
  • ETR and IEP Development Services: LeafBridge offers consultation services with your district educational team to develop a student’s evaluation and/or individualized program using research-based and best practice models. The result is high quality evaluations and programming to support the unique needs of complex learners.
  • SchoolTo-Work Transition Services: Through a partnership with our OakLeaf Center for Adults, students will explore opportunities to promote a smooth transition from secondary education to community employment.
  • Inclusion Training: Passionate and creative teachers and related services providers deliver hands-on awareness trainings for children and adults to promote inclusive learning, working, and community environments.