Independent Educational Evaluations

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is also called an outside evaluation. It should be conducted by content experts who objectively evaluate a student’s skills in relation to educational needs. This includes, but is not limited to, evaluations of cognitive functioning, self-regulation, communication, access to technology, navigating the school environment, participation in academics, physical education, art, music, recess, lunch and more. Parents may opt to pay for an IEE on their own or request an IEE at public expense through the school district.

The LeafBridge Evaluation Team

The LeafBridge team of highly trained professionals includes an Intervention Specialist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) and CVI Range© Endorsees with extensive experience surrounding complex and low-incidence needs.

The LeafBridge Difference

Our best-practice “transdisciplinary” evaluation leads to a comprehensive and holistic summary of needs and recommendations. In a transdisciplinary approach, the LeafBridge team evaluates simultaneously with real-time collaboration between all evaluators. The team collectively determines the recommendations according the unique needs of the student. To download our flyer, click here.

To request an IEE, please contact Children and Family Services Manager, Celia Chesnick at or 216-791-8363 ext. 1260.

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