Employee Directory

Employee Directory

For general agency inquiries please contact info@ucpcleveland.org

For inquiries concerning fundraising, marketing and media please contact twillet@ucpcleveland.org

For inquiries concerning Children’s Services please contact childrens@ucpcleveland.org

For inquiries concerning Adult Services please contact vocational@ucpcleveland.org

Employees are listed alphabetically by department.

Name Title Extension
Bennett, Colleen Director of Human Resources 1327
Bonner, Tonya Accountant 1405
Brito, Ed Billing and Accounting Associate 1233
Crawford, Daneen Operations/Quality Assurance Specialist 1280
Davis, Candy Executive Administrative Assistant 1233
Harrison, Rachel Development Associate 1325
Hastings, Emily Special Events and Marketing Coordinator 1232
Kilbane, Tim Maintenance and Facility Manager 1235
Lucas, Beth Chief Operations Officer 1227
McGowan, Lori Receptionist 1221
Otter, Patricia President and Chief Executive Officer 1275
Pieffer, Mary Rose Finance Assistant 1231
Ross, Kenneth Director of Finance and Administration 1236
Schantz, Brittany Human Resources Generalist 1237
Willet, Tammy Director of Development 1228
Children’s Services
Name Title Extension
Armbruster, Kassie Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1259
Bullock, Elisabeth Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1322
Chesnick, Celia Children and Family Services Manager 1260
Corrigan, Brian Case Management Associate 1260
Florman, Jackie Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1315
Guenther, Rebecca Speech Language Pathologist 1226
Hoffman, Heather Physical Therapist 1330
Holton, Nick Therapy Aide 1319
Hopkins, Ann Special Education Intervention Specialist 1224
Johnston, Maggie Therapy Aide
Karban, Diane Physical Therapy Assistant 1255
Kish, Katelyn Therapy Aide 1319
Koller, Stefanie Billing Specialist 1238
Kurilko, Caitlin Occupational Therapist 1274
Los, Alexandra Physical Therapy Assistant 1328
MacGregor, Anita Physical Therapist 1243
Marks, Cynthia Physical Therapy Assistant 1321
McGregor, Katie Occupational Therapist 1320
McHale, Mary Occupational Therapist
Mingee, Meghan Speech Language Pathologist 1316
Ravas, Rebecca Physical Therapist (Manager) 1265
Rodriguez, Nancy Physical Therapy Assistant 1324
Stohrer, Amanda Occupational Therapist (Manager) 1253
Stradtman, Kristie Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1338
Sweet, Laurene Physical Therapist (Manager, Specialized Services) 1249
Taye, Intesar Director of Children’s Services 1247
Teague, Kayla Therapy Aide 1322
Verde, Rachel Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 1289
Woods, Donna Administrative Support 1250
Adult Services
OE=Organizational Employment       CE=Community Employment       ADS=Adult Day Support
Name Title Extension
Adkins, Kate Community Employment Manager 1252
Ball, Cynthia Registered Nurse 1406 OR 216-299-6995
Basenback, Matthew CE SES Supervisor, Oatey SCS 216-310-8163
TBA ADS Habilitation Specialist 1323
Brown, Hester Group Home Program Manager 1222 OR 216-905-1157
TBA Home Manager, Edendale House 1601
Coleman, Allyson ADS Habilitation Specialist 1336
Donovan, Thomas CE SES Site Supervisor, Fifth Third Bank 216-274-5532
Dublin, Regina OE Production Assistant 1269
Freed, Charles CE SES Supervisor, Oatey Company 216-299-8374
Graham, Austin IT Assistant 1334
Henry, Antionette CE SES Supervisor, Reese Pharmaceutical 216-618-1294
Hibinger, Eric Job Placement Specialist 1264
Hooven, Sherita OE Habilitation Specialist 1277
Johnson, Aretha Home Manager, Memphis House 1601
Kruse, Andrew Job Placement Specialist 1340
Kutina, Natalie Adult Day Services Manager 1283
LaPorta, Natalie CE Project SEARCH Site Support Specialist 1344
Luck, Adrienne Job Coach
Mahon, Claire CE SES Supervisor, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 216-299-1937
Martinez, Carmen ADS Supervisor/Habilitation Specialist 1248
Meixner, Sharon Transition Services Manager 1261
Minor, Kashina OE Habilitation Specialist 1254
Modic, David Asst. Tech Practitioner/IT Administrator 1251
Porch, Lakesha ADS Activities Coordinator 1230
Raymond, Carrianne Licensed Practical Nurse – Memphis 1602 OR 216-351-4888
Rhein, Mary Ellen CE SES Supervisor, PNC Bank 216-257-5307
Roberts, Mietta CE Program Coordinator 1345 OR 216-905-1046
Soprano, Paul Director of Adult Services 1258
Sprinzl, Michelle Vocational Services LPN 1273
Stearns, Maria CE Project SEARCH Job Coach, LCCC 216-905-5138
Stratz, Dana Site Support Specialist 1286
Summers, Jill CE Project SEARCH Job Coach, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus 216-299-3092
Tufts, Nicole Licensed Practical Nurse – Edendale 1702
Vedova, Amy Activities and Training Manager 1244
Wallace, Tim CE Project SEARCH Job Coach, University Hospitals Parma 216-299-1823
White, Renee Adult Services Administrative Assistant 1225
Whitley, Joshua CE Project SEARCH Job Coach, Mercy Regional Medical Center 440-960-6415
Wilson, Elizabeth Job Placement Specialist 1281
Winn-Billingslea, Esther CE SES Supervisor, Cleveland Clinic 216-448-9725
Wise, Christy CE Job Coach 216-310-5953
Winters, Crystal OE Habilitation Services Manager 1263
Zaryk, Greg CE Program Coordinator 1266
Name Title Extension
McMuldren, Andrea ADS Habilitation Specialist 1502
Spears, Kelly ADS Supervisor/Habilitation Specialist 1500
Highland Hills
Name Title Extension
Krul, Leanne ADS Habilitation Specialist 1502
Stendalen, Emily ADS Supervisor/Habilitation Specialist 1900