Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of UCP of Greater Cleveland is to empower children and adults with disabilities to advance their independence, productivity and inclusion in the community.

Our History

In 1950, UCP of Greater Cleveland was formed by a group of determined parents who saw few true opportunities for their children with cerebral palsy. During this time, it was often recommended that individuals with disabilities be placed in institutional settings rather than live with their families and be contributing members of the community. The parents that founded UCP knew that their children, and all individuals with disabilities, had a right to the most productive and inclusive life possible and joined together to make this a reality. What began as a loosely-knit group of programs consisting of a nursery school, a summer camp for children, a social-recreational program for adults, and a mother’s club has evolved into an accredited, high impact, thriving organization meeting the complex health and social challenges facing children and adults with a range of disabilities. UCP today provides a continuum of services throughout Greater Cleveland ranging from pediatric therapy, family-focused case management and education, as well as employment opportunities and community integration services for adults.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of life span services to individuals with disabilities to afford them equal opportunities in daily living, work and community settings.  Our clients will live happy, healthy and enriched lives.

Our Values

Agency services will be offered with a focus on our shared core values, including being person-centered, inclusive and collaborative and acting with compassion and integrity. The agency will vigorously pursue excellence, financial sustainability, and mission-related growth.

Who We Serve

UCP of Greater Cleveland serves over 1,500 children and adults every year. While the agency initially served only children with cerebral palsy, we are now a network of support for people with a wide spectrum of disabilities including but not limited to, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, genetic disorders, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, among others.

Strategic Goals

Through our strategic plan, we work to accomplish the following goals: 1) ensure revenue model ensures quality and supports mission; 2) provide and continuously improve high quality, relevant services for people with disabilities; 3) attract and retain high quality talent; and 4) strengthen brands to attract clients and funding and to build awareness. For more information, click here.